Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Day of Romance

Just because today is the last day of
doesn't mean that
"That Romantic Feeling" 
has to end also!! 

So to celebrate this last day of the
Sweetest Month of the Year,
 I decided to post

***The Romantic Renassiance

John William Waterhouse

Tristen and Isolde

La Belle Dame Sans Marie

Lamia and the Soldier

The Lady of Shalott 

Edward Blair Leighton

Tristen and Isolde

The King and the Beggar-Maid

Alain Chartier

The Accolade

God Speed

The Forest Tryst

My Fair Lady

A Love Token

***Copyright Issues

The images are from files that can be located
at Wikipedia and are in Public Domain for the
United States Copyright Laws.

Here is the listing of the files and links
 for the images I have shared with you.

John william waterhouse Tristen and Isolde with the potion.jpg
La Belle Dame sans Merci2.jpg
Lamia and the Soldiar.jpg
JWW  The Lady of Shalott 1888.jpg


Leighton-Tristen and Isolde-1902.jpg
Leighton-The King and the Beggar-maid.jpg
Leighton-Alain Chartier-1903.jpg
Edmund blair leighton accolade.jpg
Leighton-God Speed!.jpg
Leighton-Forest Tryst.jpg
Edmund Blair Leighton-My fair Lady.jpg
Edmund Blair Leighton-A love token.jpg

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vintage Love

Here is a free image for you!

Leave a comment if you will!
I would love to hear from you!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Postcard Friendship Friday

This is my postcard to
share with you today!


This week I have made several
art pieces with Oriental Themes
so when I found this postcard I thought it
would be perfect to share with you this week!

The scene is so peaceful, so serene.
  I can almost hear the distant strains
of Oriental music in the background
as she sits undisturbed, and perhaps, 
she is in love and thinking of him
as she stares at her beautiful reflection
in the still, tranquil water. 

Thank you for visiting my site today!
I hope you hope you liked my
 Postcard Friendship Gift 
because I picked it out with special thoughts,
just for you! 

I wish for you
 to have a
laughing until you cry,
 full  of  the joy
of just bein' alive
kind of weekend!

 take the time to look at your own reflection 
you're beautiful!

God Bless you!

***Link to Postcard Friendship Friday:

 Just case you'd like to join us in the fun
of sharing Vinatge Postcards
with our friends each Friday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Frames

I dedicate these free images to  
Paula Laurens !

Here are some frames you can use in your art work!
 Please enjoy and have a wonderful day!!

Thank you for visiting my site!

LOOK !! I'm sharing a new blogger friend with you!

I got up this morning to read
my e-mail and found this lovely blog
amoung my good morning greetings!
I immediately went over to visit and
 met Paula Laurens, author of Tattered Gold!  

 I knew I must share this amazing find with you!
But... how to put what I felt into words?
I will try...
but you will have to visit her
to see what I am trying to describe!

Paula's blog is her journal,
 a spectacular vision inside the unfailing
heartbeat of her desires and struggles
 to live with the determination  to follow
her aspirations and fully achieve
the life she wants to live!

Her journal is a wonderful work of art!
  Her soft, flowing words are interweaved
 around beautifully written poetry 
   displayed in delicate vintage frames. 

 As you move down the pathway of her prose,
it's as if you have begun a journey of souls.
Her strength and courage is a reflection of
what you know is true for your own convictions.

Once you've read the first post,
you feel a a sisterly bond that is 
 beyond what her words can say!
Such beauty should be shared
for others to experience the
quiet peace and tranquility
of one woman's endeavers
 to cultivate her dreams and
live out her artistic passions!

Such Extradinary Work!  

I was simply captivated!

 This special blog will make a
positive impression on your life!
I know it did mine!

May I ask respectively, please,
 do not copy  any of the 
Art Work  by Paula Laurens.  
Her work is privately owned 
with a copyright!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pretty Pictures!!



Monday, February 22, 2010



Audrey Hepburn

Lucille  Ball

Rita   Hayworth

Cary Grant

I hope you like these glamour shots of
some of my favorite movie stars!
Please use them in your art work!
 Thanks for stopping by and visiting me
and have a great evening!! 


 Is there a certain image you love but can't seem to find?
Have you looked everywhere and had no luck?
Or do you have any requests for some
different images that you'd like to have? 

What are your favorite type of vintage images?
Postcards, vintge children, vintage women's fashion,
advertisement, calling cards etc?

I have so many images in my stash!  
What I have posted so far is just the tip of the iceberg! 
I might have just what you are looking for ! 
Please, don't hesitate  to leave a comment or e-mail me
with your request and I will
look through my stash and try to find it for you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

There's A Gyspy In Every Woman's Soul!

Vintage Gyspy Images

Here are some vintage ladies
for you to use in
your art work that have a
certain flair for dancing!

I love their pretty birght costumes !
They would add that something extra
if you're working on a collage
that has bright colors in the background

I have a background you can use that
would be perfect for these images. 
 A few weeks ago,
 I was dying some silk yarn
and my dye leaked out of the bowl
and onto the counter ! 

When I found the mess,
 I quickly grabbed my camara
and took some pictures! 
As you can see,
the bright colors pooled together in swirls,
 which made me wonder...

woulsn't these colors
make a great backgound  
for a mixed-media collage!?! 

 Here is what I came up with
after I edited the pictures!

Pictured here:
the "Famous"  Mata Hari!

Another picture of Mata Hari!!

Please have fun with this
and send me a copy of your art work 
 if you use any of these images. 
I would be pleased to show off anything
 you do with your creative "spark"!!

P.S.     If you are curious...
 this is what the yarn looked like
 when it was finished!!