Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Free Images!

Here are the free images for today!

        This is a miscellanous group of images that I thought you might like to use  for your altered art projects!  Please enjoyed all of the clip art that I have posted  and if you have any questions or comments,  don't hesitate to leave a message for me!

******And remember, if you use any of these images, a link back to me would be apppreciated, especially if you have made something really sweet!

This is the front and back of an old children's book!  I thought this would be great for you to use if you need to add that  "distressed appeal"  to  any of your projects!!

A bit of  antique lace for  you to decorate and use as a banner or button!

A very old knitting pattern!

I love this image!  Little sister teaching brother how to knit! I think this is adorable!

This image is also one of my favorites. I imagine that she has tucked her "little ones" into bed
and is staying up late to finish her needlework.  Maybe she is making them a sweater or scarf...
somethig really special to keep her children warm!

A diligent young girl, pausing for a moment while knitting socks for her family!

"High Fashion"
Doesn't she look chic?  Right out of the Great Gatsby!!
I love her shoes!!

A very charming bed jacket for those quiet evenings at home!

A sweet little girl, happily sewing clothes for her dolls on her Singer Sewing Machine!!

These images are from  old pictures of some of my family members that were copied from a copier machine before they were given to me!  Some of  the details of the images are not very clear! When I scanned them for my files, I dabbled a bit with the color adjustment and tint to try to decrease the lack of detail and fuzzy background.

O.K.,  it is time for me to go!  Have a great day creating what you love! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Treasures!!!

Here are 3 more antique books that I have in my library
that I would love to share with you!.

"Laddie" is over 100 years old!

I love the front cover of this book!

Date Published: 1897

The page is missing on the date of publication but I am sure it is at least 100 years old also!

I love the inside cover in this book! 
This would be a great background for your art or web site!

Aren't these so cute?

Another dedicated to"Baby Dumpling"!

Poetry from the book
about Autumn!

The front and  back cover to an old school reader!

Thank you for visiting my blog and come back real soon!
And Remember...create what you love and love what you create!
Until next time,
Many Hugs,

My Twinchie "FACES" Challenge

My Inchies and Twinchies
for the

Small World of
 Inchies and Twinchies Challenge

This week:



If you'd like to join in and have lots of fun
 making these  "Tiny Treasures" go to
 and see all of the great ideas and "mini art"
Nancy Dooren
and others have made!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My "Special" Treasures


I am so excited to share this treaure with you!! This antique book was given to me by a  special family member and has a great deal of  sentimental value to me.  I couldn't wait to share this with you because  the book is over 100 years old and the drawings are simply amazing! The book cover , although very old, has such a quaint antique charm to it, it would make a great background or book cover for an alterd art book! I hope you will be inspired by the book and the drawings and make something espicially nice with the images. Please enjoy them as much as I have.


(I love this dark blue/teal color)

The little girl that first owned this book received it from her Father,
on December 26,  1906!

first page

last page

introductory page
(notice the date)

And I still have more amazing treasures to share with you, so stay posted !