Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sads News!!


I am going to have to stop posting
for the next few months due to
 my husband's health and the
 activities my children are involved in! 

My husband is having complete knee surgery
 and will be out of commission the whole summer! 
 My sons play football and will be practicing
football and playing baseball until August! 

 So I am going to be very busy taking care
of my family with no extra time
to spare right now to blog or create art! 
 Hopefully by August, things will be
back to normal and I can begin
blogging again!

I do want to thank each and 
every one of you that came to
 visit my sites and left such
sweet, inspiring comments
 to brighten my day! 
I so appreciate your kindness
 and will miss you very much
 but I will return in a few months
 and we can catch up then!
I will miss you and send
"Big Hugs"
out to all! 

 Have a great summer!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Free Vintage Images for Mother's Day!

Beautiful Vintage Images  
for  you to use
to make a
Sweet Mother's Day
Gift of Memorbilia! 

Thank You for Visiting
 Have a Great Day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Vintage Clip Art

 I found
3 web sites
this morning with
free vintage images
and clip art
 for your art work!
Please visit these sites to
see what goodies
they have to offer!

 Nice vintage images and clip art
with lots of categories to choose from!   

A really cool site dedicated to all things Steampunk!

 Art Zines, collage sheets ,
paper dolls, and some great tutorials!
Check out her digital ATC's!!

Thank you for visiting my site and have a great day!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

MS. Bright Side Award Continued...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm back!!  Except I didn't go anywhere! 

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for the
past two weeks but my husband had
knee surgery!  The operation was
really like putting a band-aid on a
broken leg!!  He has to go back in a
 few weeks and have the whole
knee replaced!I really dread it for him
 but they say that it's not really that bad
and the recuperation is only 3 months so ... 

Now for the rest of the Award Winners...

As I said in my last post...
Marie France gave me this award
and so I have five more poeple to
pass it on to !  I wanted to give the
 award to  some new bloggers
that I have just met!  Those who I 
have grown very close to but 
didn't include on this list will receive
"Sweet Surprise" ! 
You know who you are
so check your e-mail!

For Ms. Bright Side Award

When you get this Award you will
1.  List 10 things that make you happy!

2.  List 5 things about you that are
very unusual, things that
no one else would know!

3.  List 10 of your favorite Bright Side
blog sites that you visit
 because they make you smile!

That's it!  That's all you have to do!
here are my last five sites
I chose to receive the award!

Lovey's name describes who Lovey is!
And when you read her blog, you will
see her love for life, family, and art,
 spilling over from post  to post!

She has a beautiful web site filled to
 the brim  with lovely vintage images
and  gorgeous dainty, lace-trimmed
altered fabric art!

Pictures of Lovey's beautiful
Fabric Collage Art Work!

*copyright reserved and owned by Fabric Photo Memories

My Favorite!  She's so Gorgeous!!
*copyright reserved and owned by Fabric Photo Memories

*copright reserved and ownd by Fabric Photo Memories

Lovey  has such a sweet ,
kind heart and writes her posts as if
she has just opened her door and
welcomed you into her home,

handed you a cup of coffee and
asked you to sit and visit for awhile!
Lovey has been published 
 in the Summer 2010 Issue
 of  CPS Studios

She also wrote an article,
 "Now My Heart Sings Daily"

that has been published by
Art Saves and posted at Crescendoh.com

Here is the link where Lovey's article is
posted on the blog in Readers Share Archives

Lovey also teaches a
Fabric Photo Transfers Workshop at

 I just love  her site and really appreciate
 the fact that she is so dedicated

to preserving the past through
images, art, and antiques! 
I always come away from her site
with a smile on my face! 
Thank you, Lovey,
I' m blessed to call you friend!
7.  The Gypsy Magpie

 *copyright reserved and owned The Gypsy Magpie

I met the Gypsy Magpie last month
when I was posting the articles on

 Historical Women. She left me the
sweetest messages so I went over to
 her "pretty magpie site" and was
captivated by her beautiful
altered art work! 

*copyright reserved and owned
by The Gypsy Magpie

She creates really fabulous altered art...
you know the kind...
it catches your eye immediately...
the colors are just perfet,

the theme is so vintage,
 the embellishments  so unique! 

*copyright reserved and owned
by The Gypsy Magpie

*copyright reserved and owned
 by The Gypsy Magpie

"Oooooh, I love that"!,
you say to yourself,

 as you wonder how she made it
and could you make one just like it! !
Have a peek inside  The Gypsy Magpie's  Studio!!
I Love the Colorful Banner!!

*Photos owned by The Gypsy Magpie

Isn't this studio just the Dreamiest?

*Picture owned by The Gypsy Magpie

 Now this is why the Gypsy Magpie
 is so special!
Her kind heart is equal in size
 to her great talent!
I am so glad she shares her
bright sunny days with us!
When I'm running low on inspiration, 
I hop  over to her little nest and
look at all of her pretty art work
and soon I begin to wish...
and  wonder...
and  dream...
and hope again!
8.   EFIE
I was surfing the web one night
 and happenedto click on a
 link that led me to Efie!
She had a message up on
her sidebar explaining that she
 liked to use royalty free images to
make up her kits.
I left a message telling her how
much I enjoyed looking at all
of her marvelous scrapbooking kits
and anytime she wanted to drop
 by my site she could have all of the
free images she wanted!. 
 Later on I went back and visited
 her again and found this...
Vintage Fashion

She had created this scrapbooking kit
 in my honor and added  links
to this blog and my Faerie blog
so people could find me if they wanted
 free images too! I was so thrilled that
she had thought of me and
will treasure this file that she made!

By reading Efie's blog posts,
I already knew she had a
generous heart and loved
sharing her talented art
work with others!

Here are some of the kits that
she offers,completely free,
for others to use!



Aren't they beautiful?
It takes a lot of time to prepare
a scrapbooking kit, adding the
right elements, the right colors,
 selecting the theme, and then putting
 it all together perfectly. 

Efie does this and more for others
because of the joy that digital art has
 given her and she wants others to have
 that same joy too!

I've looked at a lot of blog sites
 and it seems that the
really creative ones are the
property of people who love what
they do and are so enthusiatic
 and inspirational that they cannot
 contain the joy that their craft brings
 into their life, so much so,
that you cannot leave their blog
 without wanting that
same joy for yourslf . 

This is Efie,
 and if you go visit her today,
 I guarantee you will take a few of her
beautiful files for yourself to begin
creating something wonderful!!

The love of art begins with
one giving person that has
created something with value
and pride that can influence and
bring together a whole community! 

Thank you, Efie!
I am so glad I found your site and
can claim you as a Special Friend! 

9.  Valerie Brinchek

I love this blog site! 
Valerie is an artist of all trades!
I really don't think there is anything
that she hasn't created or tried to create!
Talk about inspiration !! 
On her side bar her label list stretches
for miles and has everything you could
ever want to learn about altered art!

Her digital art work is amazing
as well as everything else she has made!
She has a link list for the best places
 to shop, best sites of inspiration,
and where to find other blogs that
 will make you smile, dream and drool! 

She also has a Yahoo Group called
 "The Sum Of all ATC's"!!

I have to show you some of her art work
 so you can see just how creative she is!

This is a few pages from her
 "Alice In Wonderland Chunkie Book" 

*copyright reserved and owned by Valerie Brenchek

                  I couldn't resist showing you this!!
                See the tab on the left?
                *copyright reserved and owned by Valerie Brinchek

               Pull the tab and out comes the rabbit!!  Cute!!
                    *copyright reserved and owned by Valerie Brenchek

She also offers free vintage images...

Thank you, Valerie for sharing so much
of your creative knowledge and talent with us!

10.  Ink Stains With Roni

I have been following this blog
since I first set up my blog site! 
Roni has a list of tutorials a mile long
that I became very interested in
when I started using rubber stamps
 in my altered art.  She knows every
ink technique under the sun and
probably created a few on her own!
She has a mini-book challenge that I
would love to sign up for and
some really great give-aways!

She also lists where she gets her
products (which is great!) and
shows in perfect detail how
 every technique is done,
step by step,
from start to finish! 

It takes a lot of time to write
a tutorial for a blog.
I did a few on my knitting blog
and realized right away just how
 much time it was going to take to
do one properly!

You've got to take your pictures
at the right angle and in the
 right light, download and edit
 them so  your viewer will
get a good look at
 what you are doing...plus...
 you have to make sure your
directions are very clear and to
the point!

It's not easy, but if you love
 art as Roni does, then  is very gratifying
to know that you are helping
 others to find the same joy
 you've found in what you create!

I really respect  Roni for all of the
 hard work she has put into
each of her tutorials
and for her kindness  in sharing 
 her knowledge and talent
by teaching so many ways to
 use ink and other art products
when making altered art!

She also wrote a great book
and had it published!


Do you have a art technique you
are curious about but haven't tried yet?
 Don't hesitate to go to Roni's blog,
where you'll find a great tutorial 
waiting to inspire you to
create the art you've always
dreamed about creating!

OR...just go buy her wonderful book!  
It  is jam packed with all kinds
of wonderful altered art ideas,
 easy directions ,techniques,
 and expert advise on any project
 you would  want to learn to create! 

I'm going over and learn to emboss! 
I haven't learned how to
 do  this technique yet and 
 would like to give it a try!

Thank you, Roni
 for writing your wonderful book and
sharing so much of your
love of altered and inked with us! 

And that concludes my list
 for the Ms. Bright Side Award!

****Just a reminder****
 The art works in this post have a
 copyright and are the personal property
of the artists I have featured today!
Please do not copy for yourself
or share them with anyone else!
Thank you! 

Have a great weekend!