Saturday, February 20, 2010

There's A Gyspy In Every Woman's Soul!

Vintage Gyspy Images

Here are some vintage ladies
for you to use in
your art work that have a
certain flair for dancing!

I love their pretty birght costumes !
They would add that something extra
if you're working on a collage
that has bright colors in the background

I have a background you can use that
would be perfect for these images. 
 A few weeks ago,
 I was dying some silk yarn
and my dye leaked out of the bowl
and onto the counter ! 

When I found the mess,
 I quickly grabbed my camara
and took some pictures! 
As you can see,
the bright colors pooled together in swirls,
 which made me wonder...

woulsn't these colors
make a great backgound  
for a mixed-media collage!?! 

 Here is what I came up with
after I edited the pictures!

Pictured here:
the "Famous"  Mata Hari!

Another picture of Mata Hari!!

Please have fun with this
and send me a copy of your art work 
 if you use any of these images. 
I would be pleased to show off anything
 you do with your creative "spark"!!

P.S.     If you are curious...
 this is what the yarn looked like
 when it was finished!!