Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOOK !! I'm sharing a new blogger friend with you!

I got up this morning to read
my e-mail and found this lovely blog
amoung my good morning greetings!
I immediately went over to visit and
 met Paula Laurens, author of Tattered Gold!  

 I knew I must share this amazing find with you!
But... how to put what I felt into words?
I will try...
but you will have to visit her
to see what I am trying to describe!

Paula's blog is her journal,
 a spectacular vision inside the unfailing
heartbeat of her desires and struggles
 to live with the determination  to follow
her aspirations and fully achieve
the life she wants to live!

Her journal is a wonderful work of art!
  Her soft, flowing words are interweaved
 around beautifully written poetry 
   displayed in delicate vintage frames. 

 As you move down the pathway of her prose,
it's as if you have begun a journey of souls.
Her strength and courage is a reflection of
what you know is true for your own convictions.

Once you've read the first post,
you feel a a sisterly bond that is 
 beyond what her words can say!
Such beauty should be shared
for others to experience the
quiet peace and tranquility
of one woman's endeavers
 to cultivate her dreams and
live out her artistic passions!

Such Extradinary Work!  

I was simply captivated!

 This special blog will make a
positive impression on your life!
I know it did mine!

May I ask respectively, please,
 do not copy  any of the 
Art Work  by Paula Laurens.  
Her work is privately owned 
with a copyright!  

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  1. What a lovely and unexpected way to put at ease a most distressing day!


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