Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Free Images!

Here are the free images for today!

        This is a miscellanous group of images that I thought you might like to use  for your altered art projects!  Please enjoyed all of the clip art that I have posted  and if you have any questions or comments,  don't hesitate to leave a message for me!

******And remember, if you use any of these images, a link back to me would be apppreciated, especially if you have made something really sweet!

This is the front and back of an old children's book!  I thought this would be great for you to use if you need to add that  "distressed appeal"  to  any of your projects!!

A bit of  antique lace for  you to decorate and use as a banner or button!

A very old knitting pattern!

I love this image!  Little sister teaching brother how to knit! I think this is adorable!

This image is also one of my favorites. I imagine that she has tucked her "little ones" into bed
and is staying up late to finish her needlework.  Maybe she is making them a sweater or scarf...
somethig really special to keep her children warm!

A diligent young girl, pausing for a moment while knitting socks for her family!

"High Fashion"
Doesn't she look chic?  Right out of the Great Gatsby!!
I love her shoes!!

A very charming bed jacket for those quiet evenings at home!

A sweet little girl, happily sewing clothes for her dolls on her Singer Sewing Machine!!

These images are from  old pictures of some of my family members that were copied from a copier machine before they were given to me!  Some of  the details of the images are not very clear! When I scanned them for my files, I dabbled a bit with the color adjustment and tint to try to decrease the lack of detail and fuzzy background.

O.K.,  it is time for me to go!  Have a great day creating what you love! 

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