Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Days Of Free Vintage Christmas Images!

Beautiful Christmas Alphabet Clip Art 

Today, I am posting  a  lovely Alphabet for you!!
When you begin creating  with these letters,
 I can assure you that the 
craft possibilities are endless!  

Let me give you a few ideas to start with...

You can  dress up your gift tags
 with this elegent lettering!

Give you homemade Christmas Cards
 that nostalgic touch!

Cut out the letters to form all kinds of words!

 For instance:
 select the letters for a word, cut them out,
add glitter, and glue them on a
ornate shaped die-cut made out of 
 pretty christmas paper.or solid colored foil.

Use your card stock on the
back of your Christmas paper,
punch a hole or two at the top,
tie a ribbon, and you have a
really neat ornament for your tree!


Even  transparencey sheets would
 work great with this project!
You can  cut the sheet  in a pretty shape,
glue the letters on, add some glitter,
 stickers,and ribbon to embellish!

Voila! A beautiful ornament!! 
When you hang it on your tree at night,
with the lights all a glow, or in your window,
 the letters will appear as they are
floating against the transparency of
the ornament's background!

You could also cut the letters out and create a 
Cheery and Festive Holiday Sign
for you door to warmly welcome
the guests that will be coming to visit!!

Here's another neat idea:
  cut out the names of your children and glue them
on a  sheet of cute Christmas card stock !
Hang them on your tree or display them on
your mantle, a table, or a festive centerpiece.  

Use them as place cards as you are 
setting the dining room table  for 
your delightful Christmas feast!

Fold the card stock in half  before you glue the letters
on so they will sit upright by each place setting!
 They'll look splendid on your festive table!

If you have little ones, make a mobile
out of their names or other words,
add lots of glitter and sequins, and place the mobile
 in a room where the words will catch the light
 (in that certain, special way)
so that they will sparkle and shine everywhere!

 And won't your tiny tots love to watch their names,
 glitter and glow, as their reflection is cast
all around the room! 
O.K. enough of my ideas...
Now it's your turn!
Get busy and start creating your
 own special Christmas crafts! 
Have Fun!! 

Save these images to their largest size
to get the highest quality detail when 
downloading them to print out for your crafts! 

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