Saturday, December 4, 2010

25 Days of Free Vintage Christmas Images

Now, this was during the time
when the Roman empire ruled Israel,
and Augustus Caesar, the ruler of Rome, 
passed a decree that everyone in
the Roman empire should register for taxes.

Since Joseph was of the house of David,
he and Mary left Nazareth and went to
Bethlehem, the city of David.

Bethlehem was full of people
who traveled there to register;
so much so, that Mary and Joseph
 could find no place to stay the night.

They went to an inn,
but there were no rooms,
and so they stayed the
night in a stable.


And during that night in a stable
 in the city of Bethlehem,
the virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus,
the Savior of the world,
and she wrapped the newborn King
 in swaddling cloth and
 laid Him in a manger.

The Nativity Story from the Book of Luke 2:1-7

Christmas Crafts
for you to make
and share with others!!!
You can  use
the lovely images 
for decoration,
tree ornaments,  
tags for persents, 
and  stocking stuffers


Trace tags on card stock and cut out the image
 you just traced to glue onto the back of the tag. 
Get your prettiest Chirstmas paper
 and trace the tag again. 
 Cut out the tag you traced and glue it
to the back of the card stock.
 This will cover up your card stock.
Punch out a hole at the top of the tag
 and pull a ribbon through, or use
several different colors of ribbons
together for a more festive look!
Tie the ribbon in a pretty bow or 
just secure a knot at the top of the tag!.
  Now, get ready to share them
with family and friends! 
***You may also decorate the tags with ribbon, lace,
sequins, buttons, beads, and glitter!  
 Let your imagination soar!
Christmas Clip Art too!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the Christmas clip art, as well as the tag instructions! Have a great weekend!


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