Wednesday, December 15, 2010

25 Days Of Free Vintage Christmas Day

I have posted something special
 for you to create and use as  
Calling Cards, Christmas Cards,
 Party Invitations, and Christmas Tree Tags!


I scanned these images but I  didn't want to
 disturb the lovely Sepia color of these cards. 
 Sepia always gives any image the
 authenticity of an actual antique object!


These are my absolute favorite!
I played with the midtones, color contrast,
 saturation. and highlights, to give these
 images a different look while keeping
 the antique appearance of the cards intact!

I chose a pale, pink color
which I combined with a
 darker burgundy and blue/violet
to highlight around the frame.
I love how the highlights
really set off the colors
and accentuates the
 lovely flourishes on the card!

They look, as if any minute,
they will be sent out
as invitations to a
Glamorous Christmas Ball
or to attend a spectacular night
 at the Theatre to see
"The Nutcracker"!

These beautiful cards remind me
 of the Frosty Sugarplum Faeries
as they  danced in the air!!

Green and Gold

These images were tinted in a lighter green color
 with a small amount of gold for highlights.
They're a bit too bright for my taste!
If you would like to use them, I can give you
a few tips to help you change the tone and color!

After you download them, check out the
 photo editor on your compuer PC or you can 
 use Picasa, Paint.net, or PhotoScape to
 lighten or darken the color.

You just click on FIX  and the Basic Effects will
appear on the screen. From there, you can play to
 your heart's content!   You can even adjust
the colors back to Sepia if the Editor has that
 listed as one of the options!

Have fun playing with these
 wonderful antique Christmas Images!


  1. Love the frame ... perhaps I will find the perfect words to put inside one day! Thank you!

  2. Oh, these are lovely, very classy. Thank you so much!


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