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March is Woman's History Month


German Stamp of Anne Frank

The Diary of Anne Frank
is the most widely read written works
of non-fiction in the world 
and is translated in 67 languges.
 After the war, her father, Otto Frank,
 revisited the "Secret Annex" where
they hid for 25 months and
found five of her notebooks
and 300 loose pages.
In 1946, Otto Frank had the diary 
published in Amsterdam.

Anne recieved the dairy on her 13th birthday in 1942. 
She addressed each passage to "Dear Kitty"
 and  immediately began to record her
hopes, fears,  and experiences 
as if speaking to her most trusted friend.
 She was an ambitious young lady and worked
very hard to perfect her craft   
   and develope her talent as a credible writer.

The " Secret Annex"

Anne Frank was a  young woman who
courageously lived the last 2 years of her
 life in hiding from the Nazi Regime.   
 As a attempt to remain safe amidst the
 increasing anti- Jewish measures, the
Franks went into hiding with another
 family and another friend on July 8, 1942. 
Their hiding place was actually  2 hidden floors
 in Otto Frank's office building on 203 Prinsengracht.
 Four of Otto's employees helped them with
food and supplies until the two families 
 were found and arrested on August 7, 1944.

Another view of the  "Secret Annex"

 It is hard to comprehend what
 it must have been like for Anne,
at age thirteen, to live for 25 months
 in the cramped, small space 
of the "Secret Annex". 

The bookcase that concealed the
entrance to the "Secret Annex"

The war continued all around them,
 as day after day they lived in
fear of being caught.
Anne learned to live in absolute silence,
 hearing the aircraft bombs,
weathering the heat in the summer
 and the cold in the winter. 

Close up of the entrance to the Anne Frank House

She yearned to be outside to
 feel the sun on her face
 but knew that was a possibility
 she could not entertain. 
And yet, she made the best of
those two years in hiding by writing her
innermost thoughts and feelings in her dairy.  

The tree outside of the Anne Frank House
that she wrote about in her diary

No matter how dire her situation became,
 she held steadfastly to her dream of
surviving the war to become a published author.
She could have given up so many times
and allowed the desperate feelings of
fear and frustration overwhelm her life
and destroy her  young spirit but
she held on with the strength and
determintation to endure and survive. 

The Statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam

Her life was precious to her.
At such a young age,
she understood through her trials,
that life is a gift to be greatly appreciated,
even in the worst of circumstances.

The Statue of Anne Frank in Utrecht

She held up bravely until the end,
 where witnesses at the
Bergen-Belson Concentration Camp 
 reported that  she displayed 
great strength and courage.
 Her confidant spirit often enabled her
to aquire extra rations for her
mother and sister while in the
Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
She died of Typhus in the Bergen-Belson
 in March of 1945, just weeks
 before the camp was liberated. 

The Memorial at Bergen-Belson

The Memorial at Anne Frank's
childhood home in Aachen, Germany


--Everyone has inside of him a
piece of good news.
The good news is that you
don't know how great you can be!
 How much you can love!
What you can accomplish!
 And what your potential is!

--How wonderful it is that nobody need
wait a single moment before
 starting to improve the world.

--I can shake off everything if I write; 
my sorrows disappear,
my courage is reborn.

--I don't think of all the misery
but of the beauty that still remains.

--In spite of everything I still believe that
people are really good at heart.
I simply can't build up my hopes on
 a foundation consisting of
confusion, misery and death.

 --Think of all the beauty still left 
 around you and be happy.

--The final forming of a person's character
 lies in their own hands.


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