Friday, February 12, 2010

Sharing More Of My Friends!

More Friends!!!

is the month to share our love and warm thoughts
by sending out our heartfelt gestures
to loved ones and dear friends!

I thought this would be the perfect time to share
some of my sweet friends with you
and also send out a

Valentine's Day 

"Sweet Greeting"
to each one!
***I would have liked to have posted a single entry
for each one of these special friends
but I ran out of time due to a terrible case of laryngitis! 
 I  have them listed below and would ask that when
you have time, please, go visit these wonderful women
and see how talented they really are. 
Their beautiful posts , free vintage images,
challenges, and art work will amaze you,
but, their lives will inspire you even more! 

I would never have believed when I first
started blogging, six months ago,
that I would meet such
wonderful people to correspond with!
Isn't it amazing, this era we live in!?!

Our technology can take us across continents
and span the world in seconds,
linking all of us together with just one click!


I have never met these talented women,
but they are very dear to me!
They inspire me,
challenge me,
touch my heart,
make me smile,
make me laugh,
make me cry,
and make me sigh...

They are beautiful!
Their words are spiritual,
compassionate, bold, and strong!
And what they create with their
hands and their hearts...,
there are no words big
enough to describe the
height and depth of the
beauty within each image,
in each soul! !

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you today for your
sweet comments, encouraging words,
and kind thoughts!
Your friendship has been such a gift to me!!
You'll never know, just how much, your presence
in my life has meant to me! You are a blessing!

May God Bless you in all of your days!
Happy Valentine's Day!


Now I present to you...
please, when you read your name,
stand up and take a bow,
clap your hands,
give yourself a pat on the back,
place a huge smile on your face...
because you deserve the praise!!!!

Bella Nella:



Tiffany Jane: