Saturday, February 6, 2010

Have I Shared These Sweet People With You???

is the month to  share our love and warm thoughts
 by sending out our heartfelt gestures 
to loved ones and dear friends!
I  thought this would be the perfect time to share
some of my sweet friends with you
and also send out a
"Sweet Greeting"
to each one!   

I would never have  believed when I first
started blogging 6 months ago, 
that I would meet such
wonderful people to correspond with! 
Isn't it amazing, this era we live in!?! 
Our technology can take us across continents
and span the world in seconds,
 linking all of us together with just one click!  

I have never met these talented women,
but they are very dear to me! 
 They inspire me,
challenge me,
 touch my heart,
 make me smile,
make me laugh,
make me cry,
make me sigh... 

They are beautiful!
Their words are spiritual,
compassionate, bold, and  strong!
 And what they create with their
hands and their hearts...,
 there are  no words big
enough to describe the
 height and depth of the
beauty within each image,
in each soul! ! 

Dear Friends,
I want to thank you today for your
sweet comments, encouraging words,
and kind thoughts!

Your  friendship has been such a gift to me!! 
You'll never know, just how much, your presence
in my life has meant to me! You are a blessing!
May God Bless you in all of your days!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now I present to you...
please, when you read your name,
stand up and take a bow,
clap your hands,
give yourself a pat on the back,
place a huge smile on your face...
because you deserve the praise!!!!

 Jeanette Waters and Judy MacFarlane

I love these ladies!!!!!!
Jeanette, you have found a place in my heart and
I will forever be grateful to you for all of the
inspiration you have given me!  
Jeanette's kindhearted words and sweet gestures 
combined with June's thoughtfulness and
unselfish genrosity,speaks volumes of their love for
their art and their wonderful  ability to
give back to others what was once given to them!
These two work together as a designer team
 and offer some of the most mouth watering,  
beautiful collage sheets you've ever seen!
They also offer great freebie vintage images
and inspire  Two Weekly Art Challenges
( I have joined both and love to participate in them)!
They  both have beautiful blog sites, a team
of designers, and some of the most amazing
altered art pieces I have ever seen!  
 What else can I say about these two, except,
that I admire them greatly and thank them for
their hard work and  daily inspiration! 
They give so much of  their time and share
so much of their wonderful talent with
everyone they come in contact with!!!
Their  sweet comments have meant the world to
me and make my days so much brighter! 
 They both  have boosted my
 confidence to travel beyond "Time"
 to find the altered artist I want to be!
When I grow up I want to be just like them!! 

You'll find them both at:







How talented can one woman be? 
She is a powerhouse of knowledge,
creativity, charm, wit, and class!
She designs backgrounds, banners,
buttons, tags, etc...for free and will
design individual blog packages for
a very reasonable price!
My blog site background and banner 
is  one  of her beautiful
(free) background designs! 
In fact, she was one of my first followers! 
When I set up my first vintage
art blog,  it didn't take me but a few
days to find  Susie's blog!  I  immediately 
became a fan of her fantastic designs,
amazing art work,  and beautiful blog sites! 
If you want a personal design,
then she's your girl! 
 In fact...she designed the whole
 blog package for Dezinaworld, 
Art Freebies,  and Theresa In Ms!
 Their beautiful backgrounds,  banners and tags
are just out of this world-dynamic !! 
She also offers free vintage images,
tutorials on every subject from
artful blogging , altered art,
better blogging techniques,  and some
really fabulous altered art projects!
Thank you Susie, for being one of the
first to inspire me to dream
and create what I love most!

You'll find her at:

I love this button!!

Her tutorials have helped me out of many a computer mishap!!


When I first began to create altered art,
this TALENTED lady
was an AWE-INSPIRING GIFT to me! 
I remember how delighted I was
when she became one of my first followers!  
I am so glad that she found my web site!
When I first joined  her Bi-Monthly Challenges,
I soon discovered my own vintage style, 
through the exciting themes that quickly
"sparked my imagination"! 
   Now, I  feel confident enough to reach
 beyond any conventional  boundaries and  
create something new and exciting for
the mixed-media arena!
I have become  a fan and admirer of
aka. "Nans"  art techniques and skills
and always look forward to the wonderful
 themes she works so hard to create for
all of her followers.
She, unselfishly,  gives so much of her
time and dedicates her whole heart in
helping others create beautiful altered art!
She offers free vintage images and authors
several wonderful blogs with amazing features! 
 Her imagination is larger than life! 
She can create a piece of art big
enough for the whole world
to admire  but only on
one inch of card stock!
 Her "Small World of Inchies and Twinchies" 
has kept me captivated from the
beginning as her charming sense of
wonderspills out of every
 little inch she makes! 

You'll find her at:


It's time for me to say goodbye! 
I know, but I'm running out of time!! 

If you didn't find your name here today,
 come back tomorrow or the next day!

It's not that I forgot all about wonderful you!

With all of the sweet thanks I need to say,

 it will take me straight thru to Valentine's Day

to reach each and every dear friend! 

Until then, Adieu!

***Credits for the FreeVintage Images

"Alice In Wonderland" Rabbit and Vintage Calling Card:

Little Drummer:

Little French Song:

Two Little Beauties:

Dancing With Joy


  1. That's so true! It's a curious feeling to realize how sometimes e-friends could have so affinity even though they never met them.
    Thanks for the greetings. Have a nice day.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful and heartwarming post this is my friend and for the lovely mention i would like to stretch my arm across virtuality and hug you. Thank you !!
    Just so you know where you stand with all the blogs i am involved with i shall explain hehe
    I now only really run the
    Dezinaworld / Art freebies/ arty retreat ( junes blogs lol )

    Last year was the most difficult year i have ever had to face when my son had his stroke and I have so many people who helped me through that period by taking on some of my work load and who have since them run these challenges independantly with credit due to them alone and they are :
    Jeanette ( who runs soartful challenge now and i have to say does a much better job than i did )
    Meikoningin - Who does the Art on the Darkside and again is much better at this than myself and i am grateful for being able to hand over the reins to such talented ladies.
    But on behalf of myself I feel most honored and moved by your words and so thank you my friend. I shall add your award to art freebies and dezinaworld

    and .... I agree about Susie lol she designed my blogs too - Love susie too
    hugs to you Kym
    from June xxxx

  3. Kym, You must be the most thoughtful person ever. I can't tell you how much this means to me. I needed a tissue after reading this. Thank you again for your loving words.

    I left an earlier comment but I must not have clicked the right button.


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